Da’wah is “Calling to Allah.” It’s simple. Learn about Allah, His supremacy and then inform all the folks that you know and come across about Allah.

But, in case you are not able to directly do this verbal call, then support the ones who are. This support level is critical.

How to be involved? Here are a few suggestions, however, feel free to add your own in the comments below. All brothers and sisters are welcome to join.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] 


What are the sub-Committees and what are their activities?


Coordinates Khateebs and Lectures. Weekly Halaqa. Monthly Itekaf. Conduct Da’wah training program for Da’wah activists. Establish Speakers Bureau. Hajj Workshop. Organize a conference. Organize intensive programs (Hadith, Arabic, Faith Essentials, Seerah). etc.

Non Muslim

Conduct Da’wah Open Houses. Deliver talks/lectures about Islam in different churches. Initiate Interfaith Dialogue. Provide Da’wah packets to libraries, hospital and schools. etc.

New Muslim

Provide Educational Classes for new Muslims. Create Buddy system to help New Muslims. Create Social Activities to integrate into our community. etc


Establish relationship with the prison managements. Provide Qura’n and literatures about Islam. Arrange periodic visits to prison population in our area. etc.


Provide Marriage and Divorce services. Provide Islamic consultation to all community members. Provide family counseling service to all community members. etc.

Other Da’wah activities

Design for the Da’wah. Online promoter. Recruit for the team. Research. Make calls. Share da’wah posts on WhatsApp/social Media. Drive duaat/sheiks/imams to their destination. Help transport and distribute da’wah material. Organize and manage a Halaqah @MCA or Annor. Video editing. Photographer. Event specialist. Organize meetings. Maintain spreadsheets/data.Tech support. Tour of Masjid. Reply to outreach emails. etc.