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Our Charity. Our Community.

Muslim Community Association (MCA) has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in the year 1982-83 with a small place for prayers that soon grew into Masjid-un-Noor. Continued growth then led to acquisition of the MCA building in 1994. And since then, MCA has been at the cornerstone of Islamic activity across all of the SF Bay Area.

Leave a Legacy

Leave a legacy by giving a lasting gift to the MCA Endowment as a form of Sadaqah Jariah. An Endowment gift can be a one-time donation of cash, stocks, property, portion of your retirement pension, 401k, assets in kind or a portion of the assets in your will. These donations will be invested whose income would help fund ongoing activities & expansion of MCA.

Our Story

MCA became the largest Islamic Center in the United States with over 3,000 people attending Jumaa prayers on Fridays. Granada Islamic School provides one of the best schooling alternatives to community members who wish to offer quality education to their children in an Islamic environment. In addition to being open for prayers five times a day, MCA provides educational programs (dawah), outreach services, social services, Weekend Islamic School (WIS) programs, Islamic Counseling and Education (ICE), Youth and Women’s services, Renowned visiting scholars, etc. All of this has been possible primarily due to the Will and Blessings of Allah (SWT) and due to the very generous support of our community members.

Ongoing Causes

Abu Hurairah (ra) narrated the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (a continuous charity), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him/her’.(Muslim)

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Cash donations can be made from <link>. For all other donations please send a note to endowme[email protected] and someone will contact you at the earliest.

3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Call Us: (408) 727 7277

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