MCA Hiring

Job Title: MCA Communications Manager, Part-Time 12/14/2022

Location: Santa Clara, CA, remote

Scope: 15-20 hrs/week. 

MCA is one of the largest community centers in the Bay Area, serving thousands of community members and hosting daily programming. The communications manager helps ensure the community is aware of and drawn to MCA programming and resources. 

Responsibilities will include – 

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan to support the organization’s goals and objectives
  • Manage the production of the print and email newsletters, flyers, and other marketing materials
  • Oversee the organization’s website and social media channels, ensuring that they are regularly updated with relevant and engaging content
  • Work with the Communications Chair, and Communications Secretary develop and implement strategies for promoting the organization and its programs to the public
  • Write, edit, and proofread a range of communications materials, including press releases, newsletters, website content, and social media posts
  • Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of communications efforts and make recommendations for improvement
  • Updating the weekly e-newsletter
  • Curating and updating the weekly print version of the newsletter 
  • Updating and maintaining social media presence 
  • Managing graphic design requests (creating new content via canva, managing contractors, or quick edits)
  • Ensuring content from the newsletter is up to date on all marketing channels including social media, print flyers, tv screens and the websites
  • Sending out time sensitive mass e-mails as needed such as janazah announcements
  • Coordinating team of communications volunteers that support on above tasks as needed
  • Incorporating feedback from MCA stakeholders on the effectiveness of the communications mechanisms and continuously improving the marketing efforts
  • Ensuring all communications is high quality, effective, and error-free 



  • Passionate about timely and high quality access to information
  • Familiarity in communicating with the Muslim community
  • Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills
  • Experience developing and implementing communications strategies
  • Foundational understanding of design and visual elements and how to create simple yet effective graphics
  • Experience managing and writing copy for social media
  • Experience with Canva, Adobe photoshop/In-Design/Illustrator, WordPress, Mailchimp
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial; enjoys creating and implementing new initiatives
  • Commitment to MCA’s mission and values
  • Able to coordinate as needed with multiple internal stakeholders such as board members, employees, and volunteers
  • Flexibility to adjust and contribute to continually evolving work situations and changing priorities


Salary can be negotiated based on experience. 

To apply, send your resume to