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Open House

The Muslim Community Association (MCA) hosts a major open house once a year bringing together hundreds of people of all faiths to learn about Islam. After the tragedy of 911, there was a surge of interest in learning about Islam and these open houses have worked well in educating the community and eliminating common stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. This program has been attended by political and interfaith leaders, the media, colleagues, friends and neighbors.

Typically, the program consists of a presentation by a Muslim scholar followed by a Q&A session. The guests have the opportunity to meet and interact with Muslims from all over the world while enjoying a delicious meal.

Article on Ramadan in the San Jose Mercury News

Student Projects

We help students who have assignment from school/college/University with their research to write a report or a paper about Islam. We’ve conducted interviews with students in person, via email and phone. We need 3 days turn around time. If you plan to come, the best day to visit the Muslim Community Association is on a Friday as it is our congregational day and there are more 3 thousand people coming to pray. Appointment is required.

Schedule Presentation and Request a Speaker

We send speakers to different institutions such as schools, churches, study groups, synagogues, etc. We’ve spoken in front of small and large audiences alike. The presentation is tailored to the level of audience knowledge/familiarity of Islam. The length of presentation is determined by the host but normally ranges from 15-30 minutes, followed by Q&A session. To schedule a presentation email

Request Literature

We provide copies of the Qur’an in a variety of languages ( including English, Spanish, French, Urdu, Russian, etc.), as well as other literature about Islam, free of charge to people of all faiths in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can contact a local mosque through IslamicFinder for resources on Islam in your area or send us an email at

Discover Islam Lecture Series

MCA Outreach launched new series of classes designed for people of all faiths. These classes are free, covered over a 4 week period to closely examine and discuss “the essence of Islam”. The classes consist of 4 core subjects: Beliefs/Practices, Muhammad (pbuh) as mercy to mankind, Social Justice, and the Quran. Please email to get more information.

Mosque Tours

The doors of our mosque are always open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Islam. We’ve hosted individuals, students and groups from churches and other institutions. Typically, we start with a tour of the facilities followed by a brief presentation about Islam, Q&A, and end with observation of the prayer (and sermon if it’s on a Friday).

Mosque visits can be scheduled for any Friday afternoon and can also be arranged on a different day if Friday does not work. We recommend Fridays as that is the day of our congregational prayer and you will be able to hear the sermon as well as really experience the mosque and community. Email to schedule a tour and we’ll be happy to work with any specific requests you may have!

Inside Islam Lecture Series

Our monthly program called “Inside Islam” continues to bring in people from different background who are interested in learning more about Islam & its many aspects. Through this program, we aim to explain Islam in a friendly and structured way, while allowing the guests to interact with Muslims.

We want people to see Islam in its true light, and to educate people about one of the world’s greatest but widely misunderstood religions. Classes are FREE and open to people of all faiths.

Enter Islam Class

The Muslim Community Association provides FREE weekly classes for New Muslims that covers many topics, including the five pillars, stories of the Prophets, fundamentals of Islam and other key concepts. The mission of the class is to provide students a basic understanding, the tools to practice Islam and the knowledge to allow students to benefit from other community activities. The classes are informal and interactive in style.