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Feedback and testimonials about Muslim Community Association of the SF bay Area, Please add yours let others know about our community. If you have a suggestion, complaint or any other issue please use our contact us page and do not use this section. Thank for your cooperation.
Great place for praying and socialising, clean, organized, I met many friends from this community like an extended family. Lots of great programs and services.

I like this website, it’s awesome. keep up good work.

Rim Y

Nice place to spend time

Mashaallah. When I found this website I was absolutely amazed at everything, from its organization to its content. Inshaallah after finals, I plan on watching every single video

Absolutely amazing!


I’m from ISCJ New Jerey, I found your website while I was browing the internet, I really like your organization mashaAllah, I’am really completely overwhelmed by the work put in your website, well organized and very impressive, what a wonderful job, mach-allah.

I also like the services and events published in your website, May Allah bless you for your dawa and presenting muslims the best way.

your brother Jameel

Jameel Masood

Good islamic center and website

mach-Allah excellent web-site, I really enjoyed surfing it, May Allah reward you for your efforts.

just one suggestion if you can add more businesses in directory.


Samir Boujmal

Excellent web-site

I took the Shahadda on 12/3. Everyone in the association has been geat in helping with my transition. I love the programs offered….MashAllah


May Allah bless all brothers and sisters work and effort. I truly like your website and all your organization events. Allah willing, I’ll visit your Islamic center next time I visit California.

remember me in your dua

your sister Sawsen from Tampa, Florida

Sawsen R

I like your website

I like your web-site. very nice.

Nice web-site

I visited the center last year with a bit of anxiety as to what to expect. I hesistated to go in b/c I am not Muslim but as soon as I stepped inside those doors I experience a wonderful sense of brotherhood and good will. Everyone was inviting and I made many aquaintenses. The event was wonderful and enlightening and I got to meet the speaker. It defenitively changed my perspective of Muslims and I encourage all Americans to visit and get to know this community. When we treat each other well and know each other it changes you from the inside. Thank you MCA.


I like the MCA and it is one of the best communities in US, alhamdulilah I’ve moved to this community last year and all my family members enjoying here . Thanks to all volunteers and board members.
Anwar Shah

Amazing community !