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The Muslim Community Association offers a wide variety of activities and services for Muslim youth ages 8 to 18 (younger ages are addressed by the Women Committee). Our youth programs are designed to address the areas of Islamic education, “Tarbiyah”/leadership and social skills in a balanced and integrated methodology. The scope of our events include indoor educational programs, indoor activities and outdoor events such as camps, ski trips, bowling, ice skating, hiking, community service..etc Our programs are designed and ran by more than 17 experienced youth workers and our regular youth base is around 150 to 200 youth.
On Friday nights during the academic year, youth meet at the MCA Islamic Center to attend their “halaqas” or circles of learning with their peers and halaqa leaders to conduct activities and discuss issues relevant to their ages and environment. Halaqas are oriented in such a way to integrate Islamic education along with the activities. Halaqas cover ages from 8 to 18 years old for both females and males and are grouped according to gender and age group. In addition to the Friday night meetings, individual halaqas organize occasional activities and outings for their own groups.
On a monthly basis, college and high school age youth join the Youth Forum which is an interactive educational program that addresses contemporary youth related issues. The forum is mixed gender, many of its components are ran by the youth themselves.

In addition, our youth programs occasionally feature guest speakers and other programs such as the Youth Daawah Night, Youth Eid Show, Youth Iftaar, monthly community service with MAS Youth Give, quarterly leadership workshops with organizations such as CAIR, seasonal outings such as hiking, ski trips, camps, bowling, kayaking, white water rafting, ice skating, sports in the park, youth bbq…etc

To learn more about our upcoming youth events please see the Youth Corner section in the MCA Newsletter.

To contribute please register at our youth Portal – Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/YouthMCA/