Board Members

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The Executive Board, which governs the MCA, consists of eight members who manage all day-to-day operations of the MCA through various boards and committees including:

  • Educational institutions like Granada Islamic School (GIS), Weekend Islamic School (WIS) and Al Arqam School. The boards of these educational institutions report to the MCA Executive Board
  • Services such as social, youth, outreach and dawah activities including daily, Friday and Eid prayers, community nights, conferences, workshops, seminars, classes, etc. ¬†Other services include bookstore, funeral, counseling, and legal and health clinics
  • Facility rentals, usage and security related matters
  • Media relations, digital advertisements, website and newsletter
  • Financial assistance to those in need.

The Board of Trustees’ seven members manage all real estate properties of the organization including:

  • Renovation and major repairs
  • Acquisition and sale of properties
  • Legal and insurance matters for the organization
  • Facility and other permits