Donate Dawah Projects and Funeral Home Renovation



We are seeking support from the community for two major initiatives at MCA in 2022-2023.

Funeral Home Renovation – an upgraded facility to help us prepare loved ones from our community for their resting place.

Dawah Projects – Our initiatives in Islamic education for families, women, youth, new Muslims and non-Muslims are growing at a fast pace.



We are starting a project to renovate our funeral home facility, which is located behind Masjid Al Noor. Our objective from this project is to fix multiple existing issues with the current facility and upgrade the overall facility to better serve our community.


Fixes and upgrades will include:

  • Install required sanitary flooring
  • Medical Grade flooring, cabinets and fixtures
  • Upgrade plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Fix roof & and ceiling damage
  • Augment waterproofing of washing facilities
  • Increase space efficiency and storage facilities
  • Upgrade accessibility to latest codes 
  • Improve surrounding grounds and gate access
  • Create Family waiting area in the back



MCA has increased its Dawah educational programs significantly in the past few months with sessions happening on a daily basis including Friday programs and workshops.

MCA has offered since August 2022 : 

  • 15+ Regular Halaqahs, classes, and khateras
  • 40+ Friday and Weekend Programs
  • 5+ Special Events 

We need significant funding to expand these initiatives with more educational programs for the whole family, provide Non-Muslim Dawah and Outreach, support new Muslims, support the local MSAs at colleges and universities, and expand current dawah efforts at local jails and prisons for the incarcerated. 

New Muslim Dawah

  • Development of New Muslim classes and support Post-Shahada Classes and Integration Network
  • Buddy Program and proper community integration
  • Development of Support Network

Non-Muslim Dawah and Outreach

  • Expand programs and Material
  • Visit the MCA programs and dawah training
  • Provide Open Houses programs to neighbors, students from schools and colleges, and more.

Campus Dawah / Outreach

  • Supporting local MSAs and dawah and outreach efforts on Campuses

Incarcerated Dawah and Outreach

  • Dawah Committee is working with South Bay Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy 
  • MCA has begun to support incarcerated Muslims in local jails and prisons. Few volunteers are certified chaplains
  • Dawah and outreach efforts to incarcerated individuals
  • Provide training programs for MCA volunteers to support 
  • Provide necessary educational books and material for the incarcerated

Community Dawah

  • Expanding Dawah programs for the community both at MCA and Masjid Al Noor
  • Ensure every day of the week there are structured and relevant educational programs for families, brothers and sisters, and the youth

Infrastructure Improvement

  • Website Improvement 
  • Masjid Audio/Video infrastructure improvement for better experience
  • Development of proper online presence on social media
  • Communication of programs improvement


$582K for 2022-2023