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How to Enter Islam

Peace be upon you! Please message us at [email protected] so that a member of the MCA can guide you in a simple ceremony to declare your faith (shahada).

Enter Islam Class

The Muslim Community Association provides FREE weekly classes for New Muslims that covers many topics, including the five pillars, stories of the Prophets, fundamentals of Islam and other key concepts. The mission of the class is to provide students a basic understanding, the tools to practice Islam and the knowledge to allow students to benefit from other community activities. The classes are informal and interactive in style.

Shahada Certificate

We recommend New Muslims who have recently taken Shahadah to apply for a Shahada Certificate. This may be especially helpful for New Muslims who may need it for the purpose of the Hajj or Umrah. The Shahadah Certificate is issued at no charge to New Muslims who have taken Shahadah recently at the MCA. Email [email protected] for an in-person appointment needed to obtain the certificate. Please note that certificates are not available on the same-day.

The Social Services Committee provides the following :

  • Family Support and development program
  • Food Pantry Services
  • Financial Aid Services
  • Refugee and Needy support services
  • Daily Iftar during month of Ramadan and suhoor for last 10 days
  • Udhiya/Qurbani coordination services
  • Fidya