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The Muslim Community Association Newsletter is a weekly publication printed by the Muslim Community Association’s publication committee. This publication is distributed every Friday at the MCA Islamic Center, Masjid Al-Noor and posted online on our website. 

Advertising Policy and Guidelines:

The Publications Committee has a policy not to publish ads which contains any content which may reasonably be considered unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, indecent or inappropriate at our sole discretion.

Advertisement Disclaimer (No Guarantee of Ad Placement):

Please note that there is no guarantee that your AD will be published the week of Friday of your Tuesday payment if your event is 3-4 weeks away. There maybe instances when your Ad may be pushed to the following week if the newsletter has reached its full capacity of paid Ads and was not able to accommodate publishing your Ad for that friday. Unfortunately, we will not know about this issue until Tuesday 5pm when all Ads have been submitted.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will process your refund for the payment of the Ad for which it was not published. Event Ads that take place within 2 weeks take priority over events that are 3-4 weeks away upon the discretion of the Newsletter Coordinator.

In general, to proceed with the NL ad request, please follow these guidelines:

1.  Submitting Advertisement/s:

Please send your advertisement design in pdf, jpg, png format by email to [email protected].
Please attach a copy of your payment receipt along with your advertisement. Ensure that the size matches the guidelines.

2.  Ad Size

Please specify the ad size that you need; please click on the image below to check the size for your ad. To check if your ad is the correct size, you may use the link: where you can check and resize if needed using the png or jpg formats. Just keep in mind that if you resize here, the resize option may distort the text.

3.  Advertisement Rates

Indicate the start date and number of weeks for posting your ad (you may refer to the chart below)

AD TYPE 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks
1 Classified Block (7 Lines) $15 $19 $26 $34 $59 $79 $95 $160 $320
2 Classified Block (14 Lines) $25 $34 $45 $59 $95 $124 $149 $230 $460
1 Photo-Classfied Block $15 $19 $26 $34 $59 $79 $95 $160 $320
Quarter Page (Color) $140 $250 $355 $400 $600 $800 $900 $1100 $1700
Half Page (Color) Horizontal only $250 $490 $700 $870 $1300 $1550 $1735 $2100 $3300
Full Page (Color) $440 $860 $1170 $1300 $1735 $2200 $2600 $3300 $6000
Last Page                 $7000
Advertisement Rates as of April 29 2019 . Rates are subject to change.

A kind reminder that the final deadline to submit any advertisement is Tuesday at 5:00 PM every week (ads received after the deadline will be accommodated in the following week, no exceptions).