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The Zakah and Relief committee reports to the MCA Treasurer and is chartered to facilitate the distribution of Zakah and Sadaqa monies in accordance with the principles of Sharia and in compliance with the Federal and State guidelines and laws. The actual collection process is the responsibility of the MCA Finance office, which works closely with the Zakah and Relief Committee in providing documentation stats and collection efforts of the funds.

All Zakat and needy family applications are directly forwarded to the Zakah Committee. The Zakah Committee takes great care in ensuring total confidentiality so that the dignity of our Muslim brothers and sisters is maintained. The Zakah committee assesses the needs of each applicant and issues recommendations (based on its guidelines) to the MCA finance office.

All individuals applying for Zakah or Sadaqa are required to complete and submit a Zakah Application. To obtain one, please click on the link below:


It is important to note that the Zakat committee does not involve itself with providing fiqhi opinion on the calculation of Zakat due to ambiguities of modern day financial instruments and shades of religious opinions. Members of the community are encouraged to obtain fiqhi opinion on these subjects from religious scholars that they feel comfortable with.

For more information, please contact or call 408.727.7277 ext 410.

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